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  1. The role of data in commercial property rents
    08 Mar, 2019
    The role of data in commercial property rents
    Most occupiers of commercial property will at some point need to work out what the market rent of their property is, either for a rent review or a renewal of their lease. Adam Schofield, associate at property consultants, Vail Williams, explains the increasingly important role of data in commercial property rents. It’s easy to work out the rental value on a property when you move in, as it has been on the open market, but what if it has been a few years? How do you go about working out the
  2. Oxfordshire 2050: Visionary or Vaporous?
    04 Mar, 2019
    Oxfordshire 2050: Visionary or Vaporous?
    Barton Willmore experts weigh up the issues around the Oxfordshire Plan 2050. There may be a long way to go but is now the time to seize the opportunity? Set to establish ambitious objectives for housing and economic growth for the region over the next 30 years, preparation of the Oxfordshire Plan 2050 (previously known as the Joint Statutory Spatial Plan) will be challenging.  Endorsed at the Oxfordshire Growth Board meeting last month, the publication of an issues and options paper
  3. Is it time to KonMari your office?
    19 Feb, 2019
    Is it time to KonMari your office?
    David Thomas, partner at property consultants and Thames Tap partner, Vail Williams LLP, discusses the merits of KonMari’ing your office space. As the Marie Kondo decluttering trend continues to gain momentum, our occupier advisory team offers its thoughts on how an adaption of these principles can make your office environment more cost efficient and less cluttered, whilst inspiring creativity, reducing stress and, ultimately, creating a more productive workforce. If you are yet to experience
  4. Oxfordshire Vision 2050 under the spotlight
    13 Feb, 2019
    Oxfordshire Vision 2050 under the spotlight
    Members of the family of Lichfields senior director Daniel Lampard are in for a treat during the Spring half term break, as he explains. This month I shall use the half term holiday to take my children to a roadshow on the Oxfordshire Plan 2050.  Whilst they may not appreciate it (in both senses of the word) as current, and I hope future, residents of Oxfordshire, they have as much an interest as I do in the development of the county over the next 30 years.  They will also be more at home

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