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  1. Oxfordshire Vision 2050 under the spotlight
    13 Feb, 2019
    Oxfordshire Vision 2050 under the spotlight
    Members of the family of Lichfields senior director Daniel Lampard are in for a treat during the Winter half term break, as he explains. This month I shall use the half term holiday to take my children to a roadshow on the Oxfordshire Plan 2050.  Whilst they may not appreciate it (in both senses of the word) as current, and I hope future, residents of Oxfordshire, they have as much an interest as I do in the development of the county over the next 30 years.  They will also be more at home
  2. Could Brexit allow occupiers to challenge business rate liabilities?
    06 Feb, 2019
    Could Brexit allow occupiers to challenge business rate liabilities?
    As uncertainty around the Brexit ‘deal’ continues, could it represent an opportunity for businesses to challenge their rateable values? Nigel Katseph, associate and business rates adviser at City-based property consultants, Vail Williams LLP, discusses. The future of Brexit remains uncertain, as Government continues its attempt to resolve the Irish backstop issue. If the Government fails to get cross party agreement to adopt Theresa May’s ‘deal’ by March 29, will we simply crash out with no
  3. Reading’s regional magnetism
    18 Jan, 2019
    Reading’s regional magnetism
    David Thomas, Partner at Thames Valley-based property consultancy, Vail Williams LLP, looks at the growing popularity of Reading town centre, both for employers and employees. If you think of mass urbanisation, you may hark back to geography lessons at school and your mind may conjure up examples of the rapidly developing cities and economies of, say, Beijing, Delhi or Mexico City. Yet something equally significant is happening right here in the Thames Valley, specifically around Reading.
  4. Forfeiture: the right of re-entry
    18 Jan, 2019
    Forfeiture: the right of re-entry
    Forfeiture or the “right of re-entry” is a landlord’s right to end a lease in the event of a breach by the tenant. Gemma Tolmie, Senior Associate - Commercial Litigation at BrookStreet des Roches provides an overview of how and when the right arises in commercial leases, the procedure to be followed, relief available to the tenant and what the landlord can do following forfeiture. When can a landlord forfeit the lease? A landlord can only forfeit a lease if it contains a forfeiture clause.

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