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  1. It's all about performance
    19 Jan, 2018
    It's all about performance
    Our wellness round table, featured in three parts last week, brought together a range of people involved in improving employee performance through workplace design. Steve Hutton, director of Three Sphere Workplace Design,  sums up the debate and offers some assistance. Wellness debate Part 1: 'Employers fail to grasp the impact of the workplace' Wellness debate Part 2: 'Workers need a variety of spaces' Wellness debate Part 3: Feedback loop 'is essential' It’s all about performance - the art
  2. Be heard at the latest consultation on Heathrow
    17 Jan, 2018
    Be heard at the latest consultation on Heathrow
    Thames Valley businesses have been urged to get their voices heard in the latest consultation over Heathrow expansion – one of the UK’s largest ever. The Expansion and Airspace Principles Consultations involves two main themes. The first is about infrastructure design options for an expanded Heathrow and the second, on the future design principles for airspace around the airport. From today until March 28, a dedicated website allows comments on both consultations and, during the 10-week
  3. Will serviced apartments be the next property goldmine?
    11 Jan, 2018
    Will serviced apartments be the next property goldmine?
    We spoke to Thames Tap sponsor T A Fisher about one of the most exciting areas of development of recent years - one where its own subsidiary leads the market in the Thames Valley. Few people in development will be unaware of the major investment opportunities to emerge in recent times – but what will be the next?   Care homes, student accommodation, hotels, PRS and, of course, residential, are all segments of the property market which have risen in prominence.   But one area which has been
  4. The developing world of student accommodation
    01 Nov, 2017
    The developing world of student accommodation
    Student accommodation in the 21st Century is a world away from the traditional halls of residence. Andy Jansons, managing director of Jansons Property, casts a developer's eye over this fast evolving market. Cinema rooms, PlayStation facilities and private dining areas illustrate how student accommodation has become one of the most exciting sectors for new developments in recent years. This once relatively-small market has evolved to a point where the major pension funds are now established

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